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Traditional Design
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deep canyon trestle
Deep Canyon
24” long  &  9”  high
wide canyon trestle
Wide Canyon
24" long  &  7" high
ravine trestle
valley trestle
gully trestle
small gap trestle
Small Gap
19 1/4" long & 9" high @ center
16" long & 7" high
11 3/4" long & 5"  high
19 1/4" long  &  7"  high
The track deck on all traditional design trestles is 2 5/8 inches wide.
The most trestle for your $$$   Our BEST trestle value !!
Make a BIG impact without breaking your budget

You get a Traditional Design trestle delivered that is fully
assembled, stained, and detailed ready for easy installation

Save money and time with a Traditional Design Trestle !!!
Please Note:  All dimensions are nominal  
$67.00 + S&H
$68.00 + S&H
$46.00 + S&H
$45.35 + S&H
$36.00 + S&H

Without breaking your budget.
$ $ $ $ $ $ $
All "Buy Now" Sales to continental U.S.  ONLY
All "Buy Now" Sales to continental U.S.  ONLY
All "Buy Now" Sales to continental U.S.  ONLY
$19.00+ S&H
An "On Track Trestle" can make a BIG impact  on your layout !!
Due to recent increases in shipping rates all  BUY NOW  
Shipping is via
USPS Standard Post®   2 to 9 days

If you need another shipping option e-mail me with details.
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Anthony A  customized his trestle with a fire barrel stand and
a footer in the stream water