Other Lionel Transformer Types

Any Lionel transformer that originally  used a rectifier disc Lionel pn 1041-13
may be able to use the repair diode.

A problem that may be encountered is providing physical clearance
for the diode when installed.  
It is your responsibility to experiment  with the location and electrical hook up to find
what will work for your particular transformer.

Suggested Mounting
Remove the old rectifier disc speed nut, mounting pin and insulating spacers.  fig 3
Mount diode directly to the rectifier disc support bracket with the diode stud and nut.
Some customers have "Remote Mounted" the diode and used jumper wires to make the electrical connections to the
original rectifier disc location. The electrical capacity of the diode is so high that it can handle extremely high loads
without overheating itself or anything around it, so that it may be placed anywhere there is room inside the
transformer or outside the transformer case.

Electrical hook up
Most rectifier disc "speed nuts" have a solder lug wire attachment.  
This wire is attached to the diode solder lug.

Some transformers (LW) have a wire on the face speed nut and on the rear of the insulated
rectifier pin. Both wires attach to the diode solder lug.

Some transformer speed nuts have no solder lug (1044). They use the insulated rectifier
mounting  PIN as a method of electrical transfer to a connection point behind the mounting
fig 1
Check the wiring diagram for the specific
model and year of your transformer for the
correct wiring hook up    fig 2

The symbol that is most commonly used in
Lionel diagrams is shown at lower left

The repair diode
solder lug / cathode is the
electrical connection made to the face of the
old rectifier disc.
fig 1

Example of rectifier pin used as
electrical contact to the rear of the
mounting bracket.

The diode solder lug should be in
electrical contact with the
electrical contact arm.
Use a jumper wire if required.
fig 2

Example of a
typical Lionel
schematic wire
showing the
symbol for the
rectifier disc.
( dark circle)

Note  the diode
solder lug wire
wire # (6) and
However you actually  locate and mount the repair diode the two electrical contacts are
the diode base & nut  to the mounting bracket and the solder lug to the wire or wires.

The wire originally from the FACE of the rectifier disc (speed nut side) and or from the rear
insulated rectifier pin go to the solder lug of the repair diode.
figure 3
fig 1
It is also very important to check for general & wiring condition of  
your transformer as needed . There may been previous repairs and/or
modifications made that could be hazardous.

After 50 or so years the original wire insulation may have failed and
could cause a dangerous condition.  

By installing the diode YOU take the responsibility for the safe
operation and repair of your antique transformer.  
These instructions are for information only.  
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