KW transformer diode installation

1- Remove the top and bottom control arms

2- Remove the cover screws and remove the cover.
At this point I would recommend taking several pictures of the
internal transformer before starting and any time a wire or part is
removed during each stage of disassembly.  Pictures don’t forget

3- Remove the old rectifier disc and attaching parts (Fig 1 & 2 below)
pin, fiber washer, fiber spacer, rectifier disc, and speed nut.

4-Preposition the center pin arm (Fig 3) to provide clearance for the
diode, then install the diode from the coil side of the bracket, with
the threaded stud tip and mounting nut facing OUT.   Attach diode to
bracket with the nut (the bracket hole may be larger then the diode
shaft this is not a problem).

5- Solder a wire from the solder lug of the diode to the repositioned
pin arm. (Fig 4)

Please make sure there is no contact with the diode solder lug or the
pin arm with the coil assembly.
6- Reinstall the cover and handles
kw transformer parts
It is also very important to check for condition  and repair all the
transformer wiring as needed .

After 50 or so years the original wire insulation may have failed
and could cause a dangerous condition.  

By installing the diode YOU take the responsibility for the
operation and repair of your antique transformer.  
These instructions are for information only.
Have a question about your transformer

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Fig 1
Fig 3
Fig 2
Bracket with parts removed
pin arm can be seen in center hole
Reposition this arm
Fig 4
Instead of a jumper wire
this customer used a
screw and nut to connect
the arm to the diode.
Whatever attachment
method is used please
make sure that there is no
contact with the
transformer coil !!!!!!
Solder jumper wire to pin arm