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Lionel Transformer Whistle Repair Diode
The Ultimate Solution to "Transformer" Whistle Operating Problems.
Replaces the old Lionel rectifier disc part number 1041-13
Replacing the original rectifier disc Lionel part number 1041-13 with a
stud-mount diode is the best repair for whistle operating problems with
any Lionel transformer.

The reason for the many whistle-operating problems is the old rectifier
disc was electrically damaged when there was a
Transitory Surge Spike
TSS) caused by intermittent electrical short during a derailment while
operating the whistle.

Replacing the old technology disc with a "new" old technology disc or too
small diode makes no common sense.  
Parts sellers love the replacement disc because it is one of there best
selling items, they know you will be back for more.

So what can you do for your old transformer?  

The answer is my stud-mount diode with a normal amp rating of 40 and
ultra high 800 amps maximum surge current.
(See electrical characteristics chart below)
This high surge current rating gives my diode the ability to survive
repeated TSS events without overheating or failures.

It ain't Overkill –
It is called / Dependability / Extreme Durability / Quality
Do you want to play with your trains of fix your transformer again?

If you are considering a replacement stud mount diode that needs
washers to mount it in the transformer it’s a good hint that it is “too small”.
Mount the diode
solder one connection
the repair is done !!
(for most transformers)

Only $11.99 each
+ S&H
FREE with each order.
“Understanding Whistle Operation & Activation”
Only $11.99 each + S&H
For the  ZW order two - For the Kw order one
I am not a transformer re-builder or wiring expert.
I just sell whistle repair parts.

If you are looking for guidance for a repair or complete rebuild I would
O Gauge Rail-Roading  run 197 and 198 these are the best articles for
do-it yourself transformer rebuild.
Paying with personal check or MO.
Send E Mail to  
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I ordered recently from you 4  diodes for my ZW and 2 KW transformers.
I wanted to tell you that they work great.
I have NOT used the whistle and horns in my classic Lionels in years because of the rectifier discs NOT
working properly.  
No more slowing down and no more whistle controls partially pushed to get a "sometimes" whistle.
Thanks again............Sincerely, Jack R.
Customer Letters
BUY NOW    Sales to continental U.S.  ONLY
BUY NOW Sales to continental U.S.  ONLY
I converted to diodes for my ZW two years ago.
Did the same for my KW this month.
They work great.
Thanks for your service and instructions.
My wife says well have to check our liability for broken glass and hearing loss.
Keep up the good work!
Suggested Installation Instructions
For $15.18
plus S&H
they don't
even give
you a
NUT  ! ! !

I buy in
bulk & you
save $$$