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Hi I am Paul K founder of On Track Trestle
I produce  scratch-built model railroad scenery .
The old fashioned way "By Hand"
Specializing in elevated track structures for O & 1/4" scale.
This ain't no Big Business -- it's my life long hobby.
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If you want a
Scratch-Built trestle
made the old fashioned
way " By Hand "
You came to the right
Want factory made ??
Try the Big City.
trestle bent
  • The bent pictured to the left is raw unstained
    spruce to show off the fine clean detail.
  • Our trestles look as good up close as they do
    from a distance.
  • Cross sway bracing joints are mitered for a clean
    look -- no overlapping joints.
  • The track deck is machined from a solid piece of
    MDF to prevent warping and assure a flat surface
    on which to mount the track.
Design Tips
* To help visualize how your trestle design will look and fit on your layout make
card board cutouts of the different length vertical bents and tape them spaced
2 1/2” apart to a temporary horizontal support

* Make a Back Head Bent, used as a wooden earth retaining wall at the start of the
trestle. Simply glue a piece of paint mixing stick (model building lumber available
free when you buy paint) cut to length so that it extends beyond the sides to the
trestle bent. Paint or stain a darker color (due to the preservatives used for earth
contact prevents normal wood weathering).   

* Make a Concrete or Stone Footer – used to keep the wood bent dry when
crossing water.  
It’s OK for the bents to blend into dry ground but in water they should be on a
footer.  Use  ¾” square material cut to length and tapered at the ends to streamline
the footer for flowing water.

* Think Vertical elevate your track, increase your usable space.  
Nothing is worse  than a flat layout.
There should be a vertical component approximately every two feet, i.e.  
water  tower / smoke stack / bridge.
A trestle adds the required vertical component and also provides an eye caching
large area of fine detail.
Staining, Detailing & Weathering
This is where the artistic mystery and magic come in. Every modeler has their bag of
tricks and secret methods. My methods were developed over years of model making.
They are simple, start with a  good design, add detail, then more detail, along with
varied material texture and natural color variety.
The results are a fantastic and realistic

Remember there is no way to cover up a bad design.
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Tour My Personal
3Rail Layout
The Holt Railroad
On Track Trestle reserves the right to change all designs and prices, and to
end all sales at any time without prior notice.
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